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Lowry Art Nottingham Studio

Lowry Art – Our Nottingham Studio

For the last 30 years plus, we at Lowry Art Nottingham Studio have been collectors and dealers of art and paintings by many renowned British artists. We have extensive knowledge that has been gained over the years and we take great pleasure in sharing and advising our clients on all art and paintings we supply.

From Humble Beginnings

Our initial business started in a small retail unit on the outskirts of Nottingham City Centre with a rent of a mere £20 per week (a price relevant to the times when we started trading).

We sold a general selection of art and offered selected prints by many artists also offering a framing (mounted Frames) service if required Such frames were at that time were all cut by hand and left in clamps overnight to cure. This process was very different to the modern mounting (Frames) we manufacture today using electronic machinery.

Expansion of our Studios

During the 80’s we took the decision to focus and concentrate on fine high-quality paintings and art only, holding many exhibitions promoting our love of art and many renowned artists.

LS Lowry was always a favourite of ours along with David Shepard, William Russell Flint, Gordon King etc. We were privileged to hold a few exhibitions with the artists in attendance (David Shepherd, Gordon King), a real treat for our visitors and our team to be in the presence of such iconic artists. Artists whose work was appreciated, not only for their exquisitely professional paintings, but additionally as an investment.

In the early 1990s we were able to open a large gallery in the city centre of Nottingham, offering a wide range of fine quality investment work, usually only available in London at the time.

LS Lowry

Our knowledge and extensive stocks of LS Lowry’s work is now undoubtedly one of the finest in the country, and we take great pride in supplying  you with any titles you may require.

Please feel free to contact us on 01623 799309 should you require information with regard to our product or simply complete our online contact form