For the Love of LS Lowry

For the Love of LS Lowry

For many years LS Lowry has been forefront in our art studio based in Nottingham. We have a vast collection of LS Lowry Signed Limited Editions, LS Lowry Limited Editions and LS Lowry Lithographs in stock, we take great pleasure in supplying our customers with these beautiful pieces of art by LS Lowry.

We have for many years been collectors ourselves, and always admired the works of LS Lowry as they pass through our Nottingham Studio.

LS Lowry on social media

In our normal trading day, we get to meet and enjoy the passion of other collectors and well as reading many online social media group comments such as the Lowry Art Collectors Group. It truly is refreshing to meet, chat and read other LS Lowry Art collectors’ comments and praise of his works.

Lowry Art

Here at lowry Art we have years of experience in dealing with art work by LS Lowry, we are always available to advise and help where we can with any collector or enthusiasts.

In addition to LS Lowry, we hold stock of other acclaimed artists such as Sir William Russell Flint and David Shepherd.

Please feel free to call us with regard to any of the above artists, we are situated near Nottingham and can be contacted via our Contact form or by calling 01623 799309

We look forward to hearing from you.